Sunday, March 31, 2013

Peace in a Field: March 31, 2013

This photo makes me think of cheeseburgers.  Let me explain.  Several years ago I was hanging out with a friend from the midwest who was craving a White Castle cheeseburger.  Even though there were no White Castles in Atlanta, I agreed to drive to the closest location so that she could satisfy her craving, and I could try one for the first time.  We got in the car and entered White Castle into the navigation system.  I held my breath waiting for the results.  The closest one was in Nashville, about four hours away.  Off we went; yes, four hours just to go to White Castle.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Fast forward to 2013 and I can barely remember what I thought about the food, but I do remember the adventure of the journey to get it.  We didn't do any sight-seeing in Nashville; we just ate and immediately headed back to Atlanta.  On the way back we stopped at a gas station in the-middle-of-nowhere-Tennessee.  As the gas flowed into my car, something told me to look across road, where I saw this incredibly calm and peaceful scene.  It was such a contrast to the randomness and energy of our road trip.  I stood there and soaked it in even after I'd finished pumping the gas.  Of course I had my camera so I was able to bring this little piece of peace back to Atlanta. 

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