Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Don't Normally Do This....

We’ve all heard those words at one time or another, right?  Check out what happened to me a couple of years ago.  

 I had gotten a ticket for having window tint that was too dark.  Since it was an equipment violation I had to get it removed or replaced before going to court.  I went to a local tint shop to get a quote.  A nicely-dressed gentleman in his 60’s came out to greet me and gave me what seemed like a pretty reasonable price.  I told him I’d probably come back later and get it done.  Before I could get in the car he motioned for me to come closer.  I hesitantly moved toward him and said he understood if I didn’t want to spend that much.  He moved even closer and looked around as if to make sure that no one else was listening, and mumbled under his breath, “I don’t normally do this, after all, I am a pastor, but if you got 20 bucks I’ll give you a receipt so you can tell the judge you got the tint taken out.”  I looked him like he was crazy and got the hell out of there.

Lessons:  (1) When someone tells you that they don’t normally do something, they probably do it all the time, and (2) I’m glad I don’t go to his church!

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